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Blinds for Tilt and Turn Windows

Blinds for Tilt & Turn Top down
Blinds for Tilt & Turn
Blinds for Tilt & Turn Venetian
Blinds for Tilt & Turn Aluminium Venetian
Blinds for Tilt & Turn Honeycomb

Tilt and Turn Blinds will perfect ly fit your tilt and turn windows.Tilt and turn blinds are designed for windows that open inward yet stylish and functional specially designed for uPVC, aluminium and wood with double/triple glazed windows. Designed by Louvolite UK to fit on most uPVC & aluminium windows with no drilling nor screws required to mount the tilt and turn blinds. It is easy to measure and install. The gaps on the side of the tilt & turn blinds are minimised by the perfect fit side and bottom frames therefore improving the insulation and light control capability of the tilt & turn blinds. The Perfect fit blinds is fitted flush to the window frame and it goes with the frame when openning or operating the window/door and it does not interefere with the operation of windows and doors.  It is available on aluminium venetian, honeycomb and pleated blinds

How to Measure & Install

  • For the frame and bracket to fit to the bead and glass, a minimum of 25mm clearance from the glass is required free of obstruction eg. handles, locks etc

  • Seals must not protrude over the glass by more than 6mm. If the seal is compressible, you can take a “bead to bead measurement. If not, then take a “seal to seal” measurement.

  • Using milimeter mm unit of measuremt, Measure both width and drop accurately, we recommend the use of of a metal tape measure.

  • Measure both corners and the middle and use the smallest measurement taken.Take 3 point measurment of the width then the drop and use the smallest measurment for your order.Avoid rounding off your measurements and take it to the last digit of the mm measurment. This will be your Width and Drop blinds sizes 

  • To measure the window depth measure the face of window frame to the glass (normally range from 18mm to 24mm).Use a bank card or a ruller and place it accross the window frame corner and meausre it from the glass to the edge of the card or ruler. This will determine the window fixing brackets required.This will be your depth size meausurements

Please note that the video is for the purpose of illustration only and different windows may have different results and depending on the skill level of the person assembling and doing the installation.  Please call us for any inquiries.

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We can guide you thru the step by step process from measurement thru to installation of your tilt and turn blinds. We have done this to hundreds of our customers who has done a DO IT YOURSELF Installation of blinds and save on cost.

Contact us for free no obligation consultation and discuss your requirement.

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Custom colour frames now available

We can custom paint your frames to suit or/and complement your current window/doors. Using Dulux Powder coat colours you have a choice of  132 colours for your frames. It is not currently available as an option on our online store however if you wish to have your frames custom painted, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you  * extra fees apply for Dulux painted frames 

Click here to inquire on Dulux painted frames 

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